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EduWeb Creations

Effectively connecting students to the world

Resourceful! Creative! Safe!

When a school uses an EduWeb Creations custom website as a starting point for their student's Internet experience, young learners can easily navigate to age-appropriate research tools, interesting current events, resources for core subjects, targeted class pages and instruction, plus creative fun sites for free time that will entertain and engage in meaningful ways.

Strong academic support for students no matter where they are! 

A school's customized site is accessible from any computer with Internet access (at school, at the library, or from home) just by typing in the easy to remember website domain name into the browser bar. Easily make it your browser homepage so that your student or child is always a click away from quality content.

Effective support for teachers with projectors and smart boards in the classroom

With less prep time and more technology at their fingertips, an EduWeb Creations website contains hundreds of resources for interactive and multi-media rich content for teachers to use to support their curriculum in the classroom.

Delivering the newest cutting edge Internet tools

Let EduWeb Creations do the work of scouring the Internet for the newest and coolest in creative educational support for your teachers. Regular updates will be sent to your school with new content additions and technology offerings to keep your school current with the best there is to offer on the Internet.

What educators and parents are saying about EduWeb Creations:

"With large class sizes, I can use the computer lab knowing that all students are engaged learners on a safe platform.  I have used our school's EduWeb Creations website for years, both at school and at home with my three young children!  With one click, all students are making progress towards their individualized needs while having fun."
Susan D., K-8 general/special educator & parent

"Having a custom website for our school has made an amazing change in our delivery and students’ acquisition of the standards.  Our EduWeb Creations website makes our computer lab time more valuable because you can easily direct the class to a specific website you want to use during that period to learn something new or a game to practice what they know."
Tracey A., 3rd grade teacher

"Teachers are busier than ever with more students and less time to prepare for activities. Having an EduWeb Creations website designed specifically for our school to meet the needs of our students is a lifesaver.  I can assign science experiments, math facts tests, grammar activities, etc. simply by giving the students a list of links to activities to complete. The icons are easy to spot and the sites have been checked for appropriateness, educational quality, and ease of use by students."
Brenda H., 2nd grade teacher 

"As our school librarian, I have seen first hand how having an EduWeb Creations website helped support the teachers and students during a time of severe budget cuts to our technology staff funding. In addition, parents at home were able to access reading lists included on the website to help grow their child's reading skills.
Carina S., Librarian


For further information, contact us at 805.340.4131 or email us at eduwebcreations@gmail.com